Back in 1993, Barbara Gray had a moment of clarity (no pun intended) - it occurred to her that it would make complete sense if artstamps were transparent instead of rubber. She wanted to make completely transparent/clear artstamps that you could see right through, even through the handle. So she designed and patented her clever Clarity handles, with the funky grip, and launched a concept which was to change the look and function of artstamps the world over. See-through stamps are everywhere now, but, as our Barbara so rightly points out, nobody ever copied a bad idea, did they?


One thing is very evident though, especially now, with the power of competitive comparison: Claritystamps are still the best in the world. Not only do we bring over two decades of manufacturing experience to the table, but our stamps are made from top-quality photopolymer resin, with each and every one hand-poured, hand-cut and hand-finished. You can see at a glance how beautifully, deeply etched Claritystamps are - the resin durometer (hardness of the material) also ensures a crisp print and a very hard-wearing stamp, resulting in perfectly sharp images every time.

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